Traverse City brings you one of music’s hottest rock bands in perfect tribute form; “The Journey Tribute” is thrilling and entertaining audiences all over the world. Let this band of extremely talented musicians take you on a “journey” of some of rock’s most enduring classics, including Faithfully, Stone in Love, Who’s Cryin’ Now, Wheel in the Sky, Don’t Stop Believin’ and many more. Be prepared for a high energy show with that great concert feeling when these musicians recreate the sound of arguably

one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

The Journey is a five man Journey Tribute group with the incredible front man Jim Adkins aka "Ninja". Not only does he look and dress the part but his vocals are literally second to none. As a professional front man Jim's performance is highlighted by his ability to capture the audience!. AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE !!!


A Tribute to Journey

The JOURNEY Tribute is a professional Journey tribute band and in no way claims to be the original artist Group Journey or imply that we own any rights to their likeness or music recreated through Video or Audio on this or any  other website or you tube video available to the public. Journey does not endorse The JOURNEY Tribute in any official  way or do we imply such a statement. The Journey Tribute is limited to only live performances of this recreation of the group Journey and in no way has ever sold or have had intent to sell or distribute any photos, audio and or video of our Live or studio performances.  This material recreation is free to the public for online The JOURNEY Tribute promotional booking viewing purposes only.
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"This is the JOURNEY tribute you are looking for"  WKLT

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